Sanskar Yoga, is established by Mrs Pinky Mohta. Mrs Pinky Mohta herself is a Naturopath & Yoga Therapist. At Sanskar Yoga , we practice and teach different forms of Yoga under one roof. Our membership allows you to experience any class during the day or week, at either one of our studios and even gives you the flexibility of attending more than one class a day. We also give you the option of one-on-one private sessions, home sessions and therapy yoga. Here’s a short description of our classes. The end experience however, is a physical and mental feeling, emotion and state of mind that cannot be put into words!

Back-to-Basics Yoga

Suitable for just about anyone - beginners & regular practitioners, young mothers & senior citizens, office goers & persons recovering from injuries, post-natal women, or just about anyone looking to get healthy and fit through Yoga. This is a slow paced but holistic practice that focuses on breath, alignment and perfection of postures. Postures will be modified to suit your level of practice. Special focus is given to mobilising the spine, strengthening the core (abdomen & back) and complete stretching of the body.

Advanced Hatha Yoga

A fusion between Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Pilates, for complete core strengthening and flexibility. This class combines postures (asanas) and focused breathing to develop strength and flexibility of the body and a calm mental state. This class is suitable for the slightly more advanced yogi. Within the first week of class, you will start to feel a long lasting sense of wellbeing and positivity.

Asana with Props

The use of props in traditional yoga practices gained popularity in Iyengar Yoga. BKS Iyengar recognized that there was a need to incorporate props into asana practices so as to make yoga accessible even to those with injury/ ailments etc. The use of props deepens the experience of the practice and allows practitioners to build strength, improve flexibility and also recognize the limitations of their body. This awareness helps enhance one's yoga experience. With varying degrees of intensity, this class is suitable for all levels of Yoga practitioners.

Restorative Yoga Flow & Yin Yoga

This class designed to focus on your breath, strength and stamina, eventually resulting in burning fat and weight loss. With its roots in Hatha and Ashtanga styles of Yoga focusing on not just your alignment, but also the fluidity from one pose to the next. This one-hour of practice will give your body a complete workout giving you longer, leaner and more flexible muscles and improved circulation. Many of our students also claim that it helps clear their mind making them more alert, receptive and creative at work!

Hatha Yoga

The focus of this class is on traditional Hatha Yoga practices combined with elements of flow and movement. Postures are held for longer duration to help draw awareness to alignment and breath, thus challenging you both mentally and physically. The focus is on building a strong core. This is a moderately intense class with modifications provided to beginners or those nursing injury. The class aims give you a workout that tones the body and creates strong, lean looking muscles.

Yoga for Women

This class is for women only and pays specific attention to the changes that take place in your body and mind. The class is all about getting your body and mind geared towards health, rejuvenation, weight management, body toning & strengthening, immunity building, stress management and nutrition. The breathing, postures and meditation that you practice in this class helps you clear and focus your mind, stretch and strengthen your muscles, improve flexibility, calm the nervous system and improve cardiovascular and menstrual health.

Chanting, Asana, Pranayama & Guided Meditation

One hour where you learn to quieten your mind, focus on your breath and practice relaxing postures and pranayama to release your body and mind of unwanted stress. This class uses different guided meditation techniques to help calm your mind. Long lasting benefits are better focus, reduced stress and a feeling of wellbeing and positivity.

Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga yoga is a system of yoga transmitted to the modern world by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915-2009). This method of yoga involves synchronizing the breath with a progressive series of postures—a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs.