Get Rid of Blood Pressure

Jun-2017 By Admin Deals & Promotions

There are various reasons for this high BP. Sometimes because of improper functioning of kidneys, heart related problems or diabetes BP can go high, so if these diseases are treated then BP also comes to normal. But in 80 % of the cases there is no apparent reason, then it is called "Essential Hypertension".

The reason for this High BP is cannot be found on physical plane but can be traced to mental activities. High mental strain results in high BP. Modern medical science treats the BP but not the underlying reason that is mental strain. When you take medicines, the BP comes to normal for sometime but when the effect of the medicines is over, the BP again rises. So the best remedy is to remove all underlying reasons for mental stress and strain. Yoga certainly helps achieve the stress free mind. There is no solution except removing all the strains on mind and control the mental activities. Yogasanas (Yoga Positions and Postures), Pranayama, Meditation, Yoga Nidra definitely help achieve the mental peace.